Accountability In Healthcare Reaches Out to Lab Professionals, Medical Quality Control Software Industry for Information

New York, June 24…Accountability in Healthcare (AIH), a confidential association of scientists, physicians, researchers, and concerned citizens committed to protecting the health of patients in the U.S. and beyond, today announced that is urging medical and medical software development professionals to provide it with information about potential liabilities in medical quality control management systems that […]

Key Aspects of Achieving High Reliability

Dr. Mark Chassin, M.D., FACP, M.P.P, M.P.H, discusses important requirements for achieving high reliability in health care.

Quality Management Software Needs Greater Accountability

By Hon. David Carlucci We’ve come a long way in healthcare in recent decades and the data clearly show that following established, best-practice procedures is critical to saving lives. Even so, more than 250,000 Americans die each year from medical malpractice, according to a 2016 Johns Hopkins University study — pre-Covid-19 — so we have […]

Links to Mismanagement and Fraud in Medicine

Prevalence of Healthcare Ethics and Dishonesty Over the last two decades the software companies which build software around healthcare processes and quality management have removed many of the old ways of cheating.  This problem has been solved to a large degree by adhering to computer date stamps, randomizing test questions, individual users not being able […]

False Accreditation

Entertainment is replete with narcissists because they make great villains. Thriller-type movies often use benign, familiar characters to mask narcissism that facilitates their ability to blend in with the community, often in positions of power or prestige. In real life, when a healthcare professional is in a position to conduct procedures that can mean life […]

The Importance of Data Integrity

The need for data integrity is critical in industries that deal with large amounts of information electronically. In the health care industry, the integrity of quality control management systems is absolutely essential to protecting the integrity of staff and patient data.  Backdating, swapping signatures, cheating on skills-based tests? All of these activities compromise data integrity […]

Cheating and the Illusion of Competency

In a blog post from 2014, Dr. Betty Chung, then a second-year resident physician at the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System in Chicago, recalled attending a residents’ forum the year prior and hearing from the President of the American Board of Pathology, who spoke about the use of “remembrances” for boards studying and how […]

A Lesson in Learning

The creator of James Bond knew a thing or two about weaving a compelling story of intrigue, deceit, and high-stakes action. Reading the story of a breach of implicit trust between scientists wouldn’t be the setting one would expect to find eyebrow-raising acts of sabotage. Still, in 2010 we were given such a story at the expense […]

What is Senate Bill S9060?

While patient safety is ultimately the responsibility of humans, quality management, with its important functions of document control and accreditation management, has been a powerful tool in the effort to mitigate unnecessary patient deaths or negative impacts on quality of life. We’ve talked about trust between doctors and patients, but what about trust in the […]

Quality Management in Healthcare

We live in a world where we are seeing increasing numbers of complications, deaths, and injuries. Patient safety is a crucial indicator that any healthcare provider is doing their very best to ensure the best possible outcome for their patients.