Links to Mismanagement and Fraud in Medicine

Prevalence of Healthcare Ethics and Dishonesty

Over the last two decades the software companies which build software around healthcare processes and quality management have removed many of the old ways of cheating.  This problem has been solved to a large degree by adhering to computer date stamps, randomizing test questions, individual users not being able to log in as other users, and more.  However there is a new group of software products which effectively reversed decades of this work by allowing hospital staff to falsify data and outright cheat, and this puts the American public in danger.   The idea that medical professionals and academics would never cheat, has been proved wrong based on hundreds of published papers from around the world.  It’s undeniably clear that if a system permits cheating that a surprisingly large number of people will avail themselves to it.  But it’s worse, because what we’re dealing with is not simply an ethics problem.  When hospital staff or laboratory staff cheat, this leads directly to patient error and contributes to the quarter million deaths (in the US alone) from medical malpractice.

Papers on Medical Profession dishonesty


National Library of Medicine: Dishonesty in Medicine Revisited


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Dishonest deed, clear conscience: when cheating leads to moral disengagement and motivated forgetting


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Radiologic: Academic Dishonesty and Unprofessional Behavior


Academic Dishonesty among Undergraduate Nursing Students


The Case for Academic Integrity in Physical Therapist Education


Attitudes Toward Academic Dishonesty in Health Profession Students


Characteristics, Prevalence, Attitudes, and Perceptions of Academic Dishonesty Among Pharmacy Students


Academic misconduct: responses from deans and nurse educators


Fraud in mental health practice: A risk management perspective


Sweeping dishonesty under the rug: how unethical actions lead to forgetting of moral rules


National Library of Medicine: On B***S*** and Medical Education


News and Posts

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